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Dear JourneyDance™ Explorers,

I invite you to open to the joy of life.  You are the Prayer: your body, your movement, your breath.  You are the Goddess: your passion, your emotions, your sensual heart.  You are the Hero: your power, your intentions, your life’s journey. 




After 17 years of using dance as my own healing practice, I have found it to be my emotional expression, my conduit to Spirit, my deepening connection to self and other, my lover, my best friend, my freedom, my prayer space, my manifestation board, my mental clearing ground, my release, and my sensual grounding. I have crafted the JourneyDance™ practice to share this experience with everyone, birthed from deep exploration, extensive study, experimentation, repetition, reflection, trust and intuition. I invite you to dance with me and the JourneyDance™ team  of Apprentices, Guides, and Facilitators.

Enjoy the journey, Toni

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