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I followed different spiritual ideas since 1996. I read many books, participated in many workshops and met many very interesting and unusual people. I wanted to understand how life works. Why my life unfolded the way it did? Sometimes it seems to follow some design but who is a designer? How people, events or circumstances which affect me appear? Who am I? What happens beyond this life?

I exposed myself to very diverse information and got some answers. My life got better and better, I encounter less challenges and when challenges happen they less intense.

Last year or two I start feeling that I need to make some changes in my life. I start questioning myself what I would like to do, what are my passions? I do like to discuss nature of existence and all kinds of spiritual topics and I would like to start sharing what I know. I didn’t want to become traditional life couch and tell people what to do. I don’t want to teach but facilitate learning and being in assistance for those who ask.

I love dancing and wanted to become a dancer since I was 5 years old. It never happened and I consider it as an impossible dream. I am longing for deeper connection with people. All of this seemed like different directions until I found a Journey Dance.

It has all I was looking for: dancing, spirituality and intimate connection. I was very excited and looked through all information on the website. Next step was to find classes and go there as often as I can. I could not find class close to me and here it was announcement for Toni workshop in NYC and fast track training in Mexico, 2016. Yes! That’s what I want! I took both and what an amazing time I had in Mexico! It was 2 weeks of transformation, deep connection and total dance. “What happens when you dance totally? The dancer disappears in a total dance. That's my definition of the total dance: the dancer disappears, dissolves; only the dancing remains. When there is only dancing and no dancer, this is the ultimate of meditation -- the taste of nectar, bliss, God, truth, ecstasy, freedom, freedom from the ego, freedom from the doer.” (Osho).





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My life journey started in beautiful city Odessa, Ukraine. I immigrated to the USA in 1990 and it felt almost as beginning of a new life. It was a new life and a new adventure! My education and occupation always were in technical fields. I was a design engineer first and then changed my career to computer programing. I always had inquisitive mind and wanted to understand how the world I am living in works. I grew up in a very strict conventional environment with no religion, I was taught in a very materialistic school with no believes in anything other than material world. But since I was very little I somehow knew that it is not true. Something else beyond what we see should exist otherwise nothing makes sense. A lot of things didn’t make sense for a long time and I felt myself different from people surrounded me. I did what I supposed do to fit in. I got a good education, good job, got married but I wasn’t happy. I was searching for information to make sense of life. It was getting worse and worse until my friend at work gave me a book “Seth Speaks”. That was such pivotal moment! At some point of reading “The Nature of Personal Reality” (Seth book) I felt a revelation. First time in all those years I was reading something that made complete sense to me! Nothing was the same after. I made many changes and follow the trails of “you create your reality” ideas. I know that my journey is never over; it keeps me fascinated with mystery and magic of existence.


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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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