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For more information about events with Jennifer please call 845-242-7580 for more info and to confirm class schedule.




The first time I experienced JourneyDance™️ I felt I came home. I found such JOY and freedom to move the way I needed to. It was during a week when I was an artist- in-residency at Omega Insitute over 8 years ago.

Everyday I danced I experienced layers lifting off. It felt just a matter of time before I would immerse myself in the experience and learn how to failitate JD for others. When I arrived at Kripalu years later, I felt the same experience of JOY.

I understood that Toni has created a space of love and acceptance that is carried into every JD experience.The collective support culitivated with each dance was so empowering, especially as it was during the week of elections, and there was alot to process. I was amazed, my journey could be whatever I wished for.There is a space to release old stuff, reclaim deep parts of myself, and envision the self I want to become. I often receive answers and insights during a journey… but especially, I feel free to be myself. I am so grateful to be able to incorporate Journeydance™️ into my life, both personally and professionally.

To have a way to help bring greater embodiment is especially important to me. I have gravitated to methods to help process challenging life events, both spiritually and physiologically. I have trained in a variety of healing art forms, transpersonal and Medical Hypnosis, Somatic Experiencing© and expressive arts. All in order to offer Tools for others to access inner wisdom, empowerment and joy. JourneyDance™️ provides a beautiful and natural bridge between these methodologies. Now I often wake up wanting to dance, as an embodied meditation practice. I envision more and more people connecting that space of empowerment. I am actively cultivating a space of loving support and freedom with each class.





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Certified in Pediatric and Medical Hypnosis, Life Between Lives ™, and Certified Hypnosis Instructor by the National Guild of Hypnotists, Practicing Hypnosis since 1997 with a Specialization in Expressive Arts and Trauma Resolution through creative Somatically based processes. Practice Description Working with adults and children of all ages and providing tools to help individuals overcome challenges and bring more optimal joy. Hypnosis, expressive art processes, and sand play all access subconscious material beyond words. Entering into a landscape of symbol and color has immense benefit, and accelerates transformation. Working beyond time limitations brings individuals into connection to transpersonal experience, while revealing larger patterns in operation. Supporting the highest wisdom of each individual. Entering into deeper states of relaxation through Hypnosis provides a doorway for greater self awareness and empowerment. Inner exploration in a supportive space helps individuals to identify and releases patterns of behavior. In addition, offering Sand play helps to integrate the experience explored in depth states. It is a process which bridges meditation with symbol formation and Jungian Principles, and is akin to entering a dream state. It is my wish to help others connect to their own vast histories through time and timeless-ness to experience a bigger picture. A Life Between Lives™ experience naturally places behavioral patterns into perspective and brings greater clarity, liberation and sense of purpose. Committed to meeting each person in the process which serves their highest good.


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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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