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I had experimented with many forms of dance and yoga and martial arts, each bringing me to uniquely beautiful, deep and powerful places, until one afternoon when I happened into a JourneyDance class at Kripalu, and found them ALL in one place — in one dance, in one hour, in one experience…

JourneyDance seemed to incorporate EVERYTHING that I loved about dancing, personal exploration, music and emotion… It brought me back and it brought me forward and it brought me to the present moment. I fell in love with the TOTAL experience of JourneyDance - as it spoke to the dancer, musician, child, warrior, mother and lover that resided within me, and that exists within us all!

I create my JourneyDance classes with that in mind and heart - I seek to bring people back to their authentic selves through music and movement and self-exploration. I invite ALL the many pieces of the person to come out and play!






Jennifer is lifelong lover of dance, culture, language and any form of authentic self-expression. When she began dancing as a child (in her nightgown, in the kitchen of her childhood home), she had no way of knowing how deeply and profoundly dance would impact the shaping of her person, her passion and her journey ~ lifelong. By the age of seven, Jennifer had joined the North Shore Studio of Dance founded by Sandy Bloomberg, who also happened to be her aunt and former Rockette!


There she was introduced to a world of jazz, tap and ballet — but Jennifer most delighted in exposure to music, costumes and dance-forms from various cultures around the world. When the North Shore traveling troupe began performing at various fundraising events for victims of hurricanes and groups of senior citizens in residence at local nursing homes, Jennifer began to experience first hand that dancing could not only bring joy to her own young life, but also to the lives of countless others.

Jennifer remembers clearly during a performance for the seniors, their tender, tearful and grateful expressions - It was as if music and dance had made them come alive… and indeed it DID… snapping, clapping, smiling and even moving about in small ways from their wheelchairs — it had transformed them… and that connection transformed Jennifer and her understanding about dance — and LIFE. Jennifer knew then that dance had the power to transform and heal - and that it must be shared with everyone. Over the last 10 years, Jennifer has become a certified JourneyDance Facilitator as well as a teacher of Yoga and bodyArt.


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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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