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 Evolving Mindfully, in spirited collaboration with Bhava Collective, offers an evening of JourneyDance™ for embodiment, exploration and transformation.

JourneyDance leads participants on a ritual journey of physical and emotional transformation. Through breath, sweat, and expression, you gain a palpable experience of yourself as pure, powerful energy.

Our deepest intentions and dreams are made manifest through our bodies! JourneyDance™ is a form of conscious movement that is facilitated rather than taught. We move freely to unite body, mind and spirit in a holistic approach to personal evolution. In this JourneyDance of thematic focus, imagery suggestions and powerful musical flow will allow us to connect deep within and allow our souls aspiration to emerge. Bringing our aims, dreams and aspirations into physical expression, we feel ourselves in our full creative potential, harness our personal power, break down internal or external obstacles and embody our intentions. You will leave enlivened, empowered and fully embodying your soul’s aspirations.

7:45p: Doors open
8:00p: Journey begins
9:30p: Closing

Location: Church of The Holy City - National Swedenborgian Church
1611 16th St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20009
Price: $20

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Finding JourneyDance ™ was like finding a path that is long, wide & laden with opportunities to heal and grow in the most creative ways toward inner connection and outer with others.

I remember being struck in the very first class I took with Toni by how joyful it was to be in a room of people of varying ages, backgrounds, orientations, styles and finding them all expressing through movement pure authenticity, openness and a full range of emotion, whether it was a celebration for one person or a deeply moving cathartic moment for another there was space for everyone. It was this sense of joy coupled with a deep knowing that this was a powerful form that brought me back to many classes and moved me to train to become a facilitator. Through the trainings and practicing JourneyDance ™ in my community, I continue to cultivate that joy, inner and outer connection, and expand my consciousness for what is possible in our lives. The natural unfolding of bringing my daughters into JourneyDance ™ and cultivating dances that are multigenerational with younger girls has been such a healing opportunity in reaching back in my own development as a young woman and being able to speak to feelings, values and beliefs that I wish I would've beeb aware of when I was younger. Supporting girls to connect with their own authentic spirits, they're changing bodies, in celebration of all the beautiful variety they see in them selves and others is amazing. And, the most exciting thing, is that I through practicing the JourneyDance ™ flow I find myself at a place of humility, seeing just how much more there is for me to heal how many more areas in which I can grow and how I can continue to learn to celebrate who I am and bring reverence to the larger flow of live and my witnessing for others. I feel deeply fortunate to have found JourneyDance ™, have opportunities to learn and be guided by Toni and nourished by the tribe!





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Jessica Epperson-Lusty is a yoga/meditation instructor, JourneyDance facilitator, personal guide, astrologist and Initiated Priestess. She creates group experiences including classes, workshops and international adventures as well as personalized practices for individuals and couples. Jessica’s signature is facilitating breakthrough processes for self-discovery, healing and transformation.

Jessica’s Training includes: Sivananda (ashram based) Yoga certification, 300 hour Yoga Psyche Soul: Yoga Psychology Teacher Training, JourneyDance™ Facilitator Certification, Applied Astrology Certification Course, Non-Violent Communication (NVC) training. Jessica is an Initiated Priestess through Urban Priestess Mystery School.


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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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