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At this time I am freelancing. In northern Minnesota. Cloquet, Duluth/Superior are where I am near to, but will travel.


None at this time.  Check back for details.






I happened upon JourneyDance in search of Yoga. Looking for a place to clear my mind and prepare myself for what it was that I next needed to face. My sister and I had just lost our mother and where notified that our father and step-mother where very ill. We met in San Antonio, we had a couple of days to come up with an action plan. Yoga was not offered at the time we had arrived but JourneyDance was. Being we had just journeyed with my mother and the journey was about to began with my father and step-mother we thought JourneyDance it is. So we danced and felt better, more alive than we had felt in years. What a great gift to ourselves and the people we needed to care for. One step led to another, I have danced my way to a facilitator. I love that JourneyDance allows me time to be me and embrace the person I am, without worry.

I look forward to meeting all of you, in your entirety , on the sacred ground. See you on the dance floor, let movement be your guide. I never cease to amaze myself on where my steps have brought me and the people I have met along the way. To be held in a space, free of judgement , is the greatest gift one can receive. My heart sings. Let's Dance.





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My name is Kim Buskala. I am a wife of 32 years, a mother of two beautiful daughters. Have been privileged to be a stay at home parent for the past seventeen years. In my spare time I love to draw, crayons being my medium of choice. Recently I have allowed myself time to write, mostly poetry. I love to travel, become one with culture, we have hosted many exchange students. Nature and all it offers never disappoints me. If I could I would live outside. Dance, music, live events bring me added joy. Some day I hope to turn my poetry into song. 


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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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