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Class Schedule




Let your Summer Soul Shine!

Wednesday, June 22nd 7-8:30 pm  
The Dance Complex, Studio 7
Cambridge MA

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Sunday, July 10th
JourneyDance @ Fractal Fest
Stephentown, NY 

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July 30th & 31st [ Free Event ]
JourneyDance @ Figment
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway

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In the Spring/Summer of 2014, I devoted myself to a 6-month volunteer program at Kripalu where I was instantly drawn to Toni’s noon dances like a moth to a flame. During that term, I enrolled in the Journey Dance: You are the Prayer workshop, which awakened a sense of love and compassion for myself that I had somehow lost along my way. I deeply connected to Toni and I continued to stay connected to the tribe as I ventured on to NYC! When the opportunity to get my certification in Costa Rica arose, I took it as a sign that this was in fact a path towards my true purpose in life. During the training, my goal was to heal old scars from my life, but the level I grew beyond that was insurmountable. Not long after the training, I moved back to my roots in Boston where I felt my soul has room to breathe. I made my debut teaching at Figment Boston, a free participatory art festival on the Greenway in the heart of the city. Sharing the magic of Journey Dance with hundreds of people of all ages ignited a fire within me to continue this work even more! The healing process that Journey Dance embodies constantly inspires me to love, shine, and share more and more each day. I am so grateful to have Journey Dance as a part of my life and can’t imagine who or where I would be without it.



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My certification as a Journey Dance Guide is enhanced by many flavors from my life path so far. After graduating with Bachelors in Fine Art, I worked for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston in a program called Camp Harbor View. I loved working with the youth in team building and leadership development activities with a focus on positive reinforcement and empowerment. I took on many roles at Camp Harbor View but in 2014, I was ready to move on and see what else the world had to offer. Over the next year, I took classes in burlesque to buff up my self-acceptance and confidence and committed to the volunteer program at Kripalu. At Kripalu I developed a strong practice of yoga and qigong, gained valuable skill sets in compassionate communication and goal setting, as well as rekindle my love for nature and dance though Journey Dance. Contributing to community and inspiring greatness in others are two constants in my life that fill my soul with joy and I am continually searching for ways to incorporate them into my everyday life. In my personal time, I enjoy hula hooping, rock climbing, hiking, creating art, journaling, connecting with friends and family, seeing live music and of course dancing! I am grateful for all the gifts life has to offer and make time to recognize them everyday.


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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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