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Awaken your embodied, empowered teacher, healer, and leader during this three-module Embodied Leadership Training program.  

Be seen, heard, supported and ushered into new dimensions of inspired living and leading.   Come out of isolation into connection.  Emerge from numbness into feeling.  Embrace and integrate all parts of yourself.  Give even the difficult parts a place in your heart. Find joy in your humanity and strength rather weakness, stop the addiction to avoid and push away, but heal.  Find your inner worth.  Reinvigorate your joy!  

Whether you desire to share your medicine as a JourneyDance™ teacher or to strengthen your transformational facilitation skills for your own projects, this program will tap deeply into your inner power, presence, wisdom, clarity and confidence that emerge through embodiment and expressive processes.



During our time together we embed the nervous system with what we need by creating sacred community. We feed the parts of us that need to be fed, we express what needs to be expressed, and we release what needs to be released. We change the weary habits of our past and overlay the old, creating potential for developing new neural pathways and nervous system upgrades. We release judgement, embrace our sensual soul and move into a new story of self-love and deep presence. Come strengthen a loving relationship with your body, mind and emotions.  

bullet_triangle_redBecome embodied as a personal upleveling.  Embodiment brings peace and respite from the over-thinking mind.  

bullet_triangle_redGain emotional intelligence and gentle power over your active mind through movement, expression, and compassion.

bullet_triangle_redLearn to communicate differently and to reframe your internal and external dialogue.    

Right now, you might just be coming out of your shell.  Or you might be super expressive and ready to be seen.  Wherever you are, you are invited to step into your power and work with your growing edge using joy, humor, sensitivity, and experience.  Develop a spiritual practice that works for you. 

Layered with expressive dance, rich musical landscapes, somatic awareness, creativity, energetic touch, and sacred drama, the JourneyDance™ Embodied Leadership Training program explores physical and energetic practices that increase your capacity for love, joy, connection, freedom, and leadership.JourneyDance™ Embodied Leadership Training program empowers you to create shamanic containers and sacred movement spaces with vast potential. Strengthen your skills and intuition as a leader, and step out with greater confidence.

Come in as strangers and leave as heart-open, fully-expressed, held and loved individuals.  Weave your own new skin to live in, work in and lead in.  Step through this amazing experience to embrace your own personal medicine and share your sacred advocacy with the world.

Upon completion of Module 1, you have the foundational training and provisional qualification as a JourneyDance™ Apprentice. Module 2 qualifies you as a JourneyDance™ Guide to teach public classes, and after Module 3, you are fully certified as a JourneyDance™ Transformational Movement Facilitator.

See below for program descriptions & details.


JourneyDance™ Module One: The Embodiment Experience

Embody the JourneyDance™ Flow

July 28 - August 4, 2019 at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health




Includes JourneyDance™ Embodiment Immersion Online Course

Level: JourneyDance™ Apprentice

This program is for everyone!

Your journey begins with a 5-day intensive with Toni Bergins and senior training staff Rodrigo Gonzalez and Joan White Hansen. As you embody the flow of JourneyDance™ you’ll learn to use your unique voice, empowered leadership and embodied expression to guide others in finding their voice and power through the creative process of JourneyDance.

Become so embodied, open and present that you can listen to your heart’s calling and align with your true essence as you dance your way into love, wisdom, power and deep connection with yourself and others.

Module 1 offers a deep immersion in embodiment practices and personal transformation:

* Reconnect with yourself through the JourneyDance™ Embodiment Series and Heart Series
* Explore the chakras and learn energetic anatomy
* Expand your emotional intelligence
* Open and claim your voice
* Unveil your true essence and unearth your deepest desires
* Feel energetic connections and somatic healing techniques through Toni’s Heart Series
* Experience a solid container for transformation: the JourneyDance™ Flow

* Explore transformational structures, movement, imagery, process, and rituals

* Immerse in music as a tool for transformation





JourneyDance™ Module 2: Emotional Empowerment

Deepen the sacred container and your understanding of ritual and the JourneyDance™ structure

November 4 - 9, 2018, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health




Prerequisites: Module 1 completion of JourneyDance™

Level: JourneyDance™ Guide

Delve deeper into your power and emotional intelligence as your learn to create sacred containers of vast transformational potential.  Explore rituals, structures, processes, movement, dance and movement techniques.

Module 2 offers an intensified immersion in transformational processes and emotional empowerment:

* Focus deeply on the JourneyDance™ Qualities of Evocative Emotion and Shamanic
* Experience processes and rituals, sacred drama, Toni’s ShadowPlay™ and Gestalt techniques
* Practice expanding your emotional bandwidth for holding sacred space
* Explore new musical landscapes, powerful playlists, DJ skills and technology tutorials
* Integrate healing rituals and ceremony through the JourneyDance™ system
* Practice vocal techniques for expression, empowerment, and leadership
* Deepen your intuition, creativity and confidence in creating sacred spaces with vast potential
* Receive inspired coaching from Toni and senior teaching staff 




JourneyDance™ Module 3: Transformational Facilitation

Develop advanced facilitation skills and design workshops that include the JourneyDance™ body of work

April 28 - May 3, 2019

: Modules 1 and 2 completion of JourneyDance™ 

Level: Certified JourneyDance™ Facilitator

Use your unique voice and empowered leadership to guide others in finding their power and move into a new story through the transformational process of JourneyDance and beyond.

* Prepare to infuse your facilitation with your unique voice and “personal medicine”
* Learn advanced facilitation of structures, rituals and processes
* Create workshop designs that combines your gifts as a facilitator
* Shed light on, embrace and work with your core issues & obstacles that are blocking you from stepping into the power of your light
* Be exposed to & encouraged to teach other aspects of the JourneyDance™ body of work
* Learn authentic approaches to the business of teaching, marketing and promotion

If music is your medicine and movement heals your soul, you can choose to teach JourneyDance and join our widely growing Teacher community. Upon completion of Module 1, you have the foundational training and provisional qualification as a JourneyDance™ Apprentice. Module 2 qualifies you as a JourneyDance Guide to teach public classes, and after Module 3, you are fully certified as a JourneyDance™ Transformational Movement Facilitator.

Note: Tuition includes a manual, playlists, certificate of completion, and the JourneyDance™ starter kit: soft knee pads, JourneyDance™ CD, celebration scarf, and marketing materials. Receive a 10 percent tuition discount at Kripalu Center, when you sign up for two or three modules prior to the first training.

This 3-module, yearlong program takes place at Kripalu Yoga Center in Stockbridge, MA.  




Embodied Leadership Transformational Retreat!
April 6 - 18, 2019
Mar de Jade, Mexico

This annual international fast-track training includes JourneyDance™ Module 1 - The Embodiment Experience & JourneyDance™ Module 2 - Emotional Empowerment combined into a retreat 12 day experience at Mar de Jade, Mexico.  For Registration details please click here, and register before December 26th to save $250!





Considering certification and have questions? We have answers. Email staff@journeydance.com for more information or to begin your training.


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