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Embody the Flow – become a JourneyDance™ Facilitator


Certified Facilitators are the living embodiment of the JourneyDance™ Flow, and lead JourneyDance ™ classes across the country and around the world. Certification includes successful completion of a three-Module, 300-hour training program. Start to finish, most facilitators complete training in 8-12 months.


Check out the calendar for a list of upcoming training events.

See below for program descriptions & membership details. 

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Module 1: JourneyDance™ Flow and Qualities

Embody the JourneyDance™ Flow




: none

Credit hours: 135

Typical time to complete: 1-4 months

Level: JourneyDance™ Apprentice


Your journey begins with a 5-day intensive with Toni Bergins, founder of JourneyDance™ and senior training staff. As you embody the flow of JourneyDance™ you’ll discover:
  • How to embody the JourneyDance Qualities
  • The synergy of chakras, elements, and qualities
  • The structure and Flow of the JourneyDance™ experience
  • Our methods of movement, imagery, guidance, and leadership
  • How to create musical landscapes to create a powerful experience
  • Receive an introduction to the processes and rituals of JourneyDance™

At this level it’s all about exploring your experience through the evocative and emotional cleansing process that you’ll eventually bring to others. Prepare yourself to lead safe, powerful, and popular JourneyDances by first experiencing the work yourself.

You’ll get 35 training hours upon completion of the live intensive, and receive your Apprentice certification, as well as be invited to Level 2 training.

Prior to enrollment in Level 2 training, rising facilitators intending to certify are required to complete 100 hours of personal practice. Broadly defined, your personal practice may include other dance classes & forms, embodying activities, yoga practice, reading, journaling, meditation, art - whatever gets you moving, expressing, reflecting, and exploring.

You will also work with a mentor to hone your facilitation skills, and attend a quarterly training call. As part of your coursework, you’ll also lead 4-8 practice JourneyDance™ classes. As a Module 1 graduate, you will have exclusive access to the private JourneyDance™ Facebook community group, with unlimited company support.

Our next Module 1 training will be held July 30th- August 4th 2017 at Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA. Check back soon to Register!




Module 2: Structures and Rituals

Deepen the sacred container and your understanding of ritual and the JourneyDance™ structure




Prerequisites: Module 1 + completion of the JourneyDance™ Apprentice Self-Study Program

Credit hours: 135

Typical time to complete: 4-12 months

Level: JourneyDance™ Guide

Now that you’ve led your practice classes and have the basics down, your training progresses. In Level 2’s advanced training intensive with Toni, you will:
  • Move deeper into theatrical, sacred drama, and Gestalt techniques to enhance students’ JourneyDance™ experience
  • Learn how to intuitively create a space for sacred movement practice
  • Learn how to incorporate the proven and powerful JourneyDance™ healing rituals into your class structure
  • Learn our authentic approach to the business of teaching, marketing and promotion
  • Dance, move, breathe, discuss, share, write and get to know yourself and your fellow explorers

In Module 2, you’ll develop your vision and mission as a JourneyDance™ facilitator. We’ll cover additional topics like music selection and marketing your classes. After your intensive, you’ll receive your Guide certification and be invited to enroll in Level 3 training. After completing your Guide certification, you are invited and encouraged to lead paid JourneyDance classes to complete your certification credit hours. 

Prior to enrollment in Level 3 training, rising facilitators intending to certify are required to complete 100 hours of personal practice. You will work with a mentor to develop advanced facilitation skills, as well as attend a quarterly training call. 

Our next Module 2 training will take place April 8th-14th 2017 at Bohdi Tree in Nosara, Costa Rica. Click Here to Register!



Module 3: Advanced Facilitation and Workshop Implementation

Develop advanced facilitation skills and design workshops that include the JourneyDance™ body of work



: Modules 1 and 2, and completion of the JourneyDance™ Guide Self-Study Program

Credit hours: 45 hours

Typical time to complete: 8 - 24 months

Level: Certified JourneyDance™ Facilitator

In your final training, you’ll make your JourneyDance™ practice and facilitation your own. At this Module 3 intensive with Toni you will:

  • Prepare to infuse the classes you facilitate with your unique voice and “personal medicine”
  • Learn advanced facilitation of structures & rituals
  • Create a workshop design that combines your gifts as a facilitator
  • Be exposed to & encouraged to teach other aspects of the JourneyDance™ body of work 
  • Dig into your core issues & obstacles that are blocking you from stepping into the power of your light

As you step into leadership, you’ll present your discoveries and work as a facilitator. As a Certified JourneyDance™ Facilitator, you will independently teach JourneyDance™ classes and continue to work with Toni and senior staff. You will learn more about marketing yourself as a Certified JourneyDance™ Facilitator, how to create a strong presence for yourself on social media, and learn about how you relate to money as a flow of abundance. Certified Facilitators may be invited as teachers at workshops and large events, and may be welcomed as staff members or mentors.

Our next Module 3 will in May/June 2017. For Module 2 graduates only.



Annual Tribal Connection Weekend
MAY 5th-7th 2017 


After your training has concluded, we continue to support your growth as a JourneyDance™ Facilitator our annual Tribal Connection Weekend. 

We love our Facilitators and continue the support system created at training by offering and Annual Tribal Connection Weekend that include the JourneyDance™ license to teach, marketing materials and support, group calls with Toni and the training staff, listings on the official JourneyDance™ website, exclusive access to JourneyDance™ training videos, among other perks.

Click here for more information

Considering certification and have questions? We have answers. Email staff@journeydance.com for more information or to begin your training.



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