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Ritual makes magic.

Ritual can be as simple as setting an intention or as complex as a staged performance. When we open our dance with a circle, we create ritual space. This allows us to focus our intentions, feel our bodies, connect our voices through sound, and open our hearts. Ritual allows the freedom to explore and express the self in the safe structure of the dance.


Throughout a JourneyDance™, mini-rituals are created with imagination: building a shamanic fire, embodying our power animal, or diving into an ocean of emotion. These shamanistic and psycho-dramatic practices can be referred to as “soul journeys” where trance, dance, and movement are used to access deep healing. Facilitators invite participants to form special relationships with their guides and use heightened imagination for a transpersonal altered state experience. Upon reflection, we can see ourselves as transformed, physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.



Images and creative visualization
take you on a journey.

Visualization is the art of using imagery and affirmation to inspire inner and outer change. We visualize specific outcomes to affect change in our lives. Using a variety of images, references, and visualizations makes JourneyDance™ accessible to a broad range of people.


JourneyDance™ invites a cadre of rich images, sprinkled carefully to increase the depth of experience. We draw from the chakra system, the elements of nature: earth, water, fire, air and light, and the JourneyDance qualities. Images give the mind a focal point, so the body can find its natural expression and the soul can travel. Far from being just a mental process, creative visualization on the dance floor involves all of the senses to embody change in the mind’s eye.



Music and sound inspire your body and energy.

Music is the key to opening the doorway of impulse, imagination, creativity, and healing. Music has the power to change our moods, states, and levels of consciousness. We, as energetic beings, respond to vibration, drums, melody, rhythm, and sensation.


JourneyDance™ Facilitators weave selections of evocative world and popular music of all genres to stimulate different states of being, feeling, and moving for body and soul. With musical guidance, we can transform into diverse characters such as warriors, gypsies, or angels. Music can encourage us to clap our hands, sing out, cry, move, or dance. The right music inspires movement from our very core.



Creativity is the expression of your soul.

Imagination is a gateway to creating the life we want. We can take our inner landscapes of thought and emotion and externalize them into a physical reality. We can then observe, experiment, and make changes.


During a JourneyDance™, we have the opportunity to visualize the life we want while moving and “buzzing positively,” bypassing the mind's role of questioning, doubting, and negating. We use props to symbolize our hearts, our dreams, our desires. The freedom to dance from within and dance with others in improvisational ways awakens the force of creativity and power in all of us.



Affirmations align you

with your highest self.

The power of positive thinking has really come to the forefront in mainstream thinking as of late. It has been proven that our thoughts are powerful; they create our reality, influence healing, change our body, and affect our emotional well-being. When we dance and affirm ourselves, we amplify the power of our desired manifestations. Affirmations can uplift us from dark moods and help transform negative self-talk.


In JourneyDance™, we use the power of movement, our bodies' natural cleansing mechanism of sweat, the rise in endorphins from exertion, and vocalizing affirmations to raise our consciousness and our vibration. We speak and chant our affirmations to teach our cells new ways of being. We take time to affirm our self-image, our self-esteem, our hearts, our creativity, and our connection with Spirit.



Shamanism connects you 

with your inner powerful creator.

Shamanism is a practice of inducing a heightened state of consciousness to commune with self & spirit. As dancing shamans, we investigate our selves, release old energy, seek guidance from within, and create new pathways. We use our imagination and connect to our guides to purge whatever needs releasing and create a new story for our lives.


When Facilitators use shamanic practices in a JourneyDance™, we strengthen our intuition and inner awareness which transform negative belief structures into positive change. We encourage our dancers to trust their own inner wisdom and know they can heal themselves in the moment. Each of us is our own most powerful healer.




By releasing stored or stuck emotions,

we allow the flow of well-being.

By learning how to express our feelings, we can increase our cognitive understanding of relationship and our roles within our complex lives. The release of emotion can allow us out of the cycle of repetitive behaviors and habits of the mind.


JourneyDance™ Facilitators hold the space for expression to be validated without judgement. JourneyDance™ creates a sacred space to explore what we may normally keep a lid on, stuff down, or express in an “unhealthy way” through self sabotaging and abusive behavior. Through movement, dramatization, and storytelling, we mine our souls for what needs attention. We feel, sense, stir and express our way to spiritual opening and healing. As dancers, we learn to navigate through all of our emotional states in a sacred and safe container. If we can feel, we can heal.



By inducing a hypnotic state,

you can open to the power of transformation.


A hypnotic state occurs when our ordinary awareness is guided to block out stimuli which normally may be distracting. This frees the mind to intently focus on an idea, thought, or affirmation. In hypnotic states, we can access parts of ourselves that are usually blocked from our conscious awareness and knowing.


The JourneyDance™ Flow naturally follows the the hypnotic curve and Ultradian Rhythm Cycles that occur within the body to create a platform that allows people to create powerful changes in their lives. Dropping in positive affirmations or working through old stories during induction into a hypnotic state can provide transformative healing that is immediate and long lasting.




Playing out your personal story

can give you release

and help facilitate change.


Sacred drama involves dramatizing our stories to express held emotional energy. These processes allow us to assess our stories and access deeper truths about our inner landscape, coping mechanisms, and the complex voices of the mind. We can only solve the problem from outside the problem.


When we tell our story to the dance floor in a JourneyDance,™, it can be a powerful method of gaining clarity, releasing old patterns, and opening to new ways of thinking. Seeing our vulnerabilities outside of ourselves gives us dramatic clarity as to how we would like to live our lives.


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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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