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Toni Bergins

Two important rules for life and on the dance floor

I have two basic rules in JourneyDance:

1. Don't hurt yourself.

2. There are no mistakes - only learning.


The first rule - don't hurt yourself - is such an important concept, and not just for the physical body.  When I say don't hurt yourself, of course I mean don't pull your hamstring, don't whack out your shoulder, etc. But I also mean don't be mean to yourself, don't say things to yourself that are not nice, don't allow negative thoughts and I'm not good enough messages to pervade in your mind. It's okay to feel all of your feelings but it's important to stop beating yourself up so that you can uncover the real you.

When I say don't hurt yourself, that can also include addictive behaviors that you know are destroying your relationships, your body, or your mind.  When you decide to stop hurting yourself, and stop self harm love will appear as you have never seen before. When you can increase your self-love and compassion for others, you start to see all the beauty that occurs everywhere.


The second rule is there are no mistakes! When people come to the dance, they might think they're a spaz, or they don't look as good as someone else, or move as well as that person... and that lead to all kinds of self talk. Comparison is the killer of joy! When you move, it's your body's way of telling its story: your shapes, your speed, your pulses, your expression. So you can't make a mistake.


Just as in life, when we think we've done something wrong, it can lead us to our next level of understanding, growth, or evolution. When you experience the evidence of "making a mistake" take it in as information to shape your next decisions. When we don’t like our current experience, use it as a way to get more clear on what you do want.  Just try to remember

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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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