Toni Bergins

Pretty Ugly Messy Beautiful Transformational Tunesday

Do you let yourself feel your feelings?  Do you stuff the difficult ones?  Are you able to express frustration and anger in a healthy way?  Is there anyone available to listen to your sadness?  I come to the DANCE FLOOR to meet these needs and I can’t say enough about how powerful and helpful it has been for ME.  This is the place I can express myself free of any judgement (unless i’m the judge of course!). Letting myself express my emotions was not easy for me, until I started "Telling My Story to the Dance Floor”. Read More

Toni Bergins

You're so FUNKY!

Funky Connection is where I learned, and you can too, that you can't make a mistake when you're being funky and WEIRD!  I’ve owned my WEIRDness and encourage all others to do so!!  I’ve challenged people on wanting to be perfect! Perfection is overrated and not nearly as much fun as being weird! Read More


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