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Turn your angst into art in dancing fire ceremony!


Grrrrr…sometimes I have SO much angst swirling around inside me that I just might explode! Do you ever feel that!?


I remember when I first came to the dance floor, over 20 years ago, I would bring my whole angsty self to it.  When the music played loud and wild, my dance became louder and wilder and I BURNED and BURNED!  I moved into an altered state.  Many people call it a transpersonal state, a hypnotic state, a shamanic state or something of that nature. The music, the movement, the visualization and my breath together create this alchemical place where shift could happen.


In times when I was struggling greatly and feeling like a burning flame of angst and difficulty, I created a ritual on the dance floor I call Personal Fire Ceremony. In the personal fire I make a small circle and do an energetic clearing, a mental clearing, an emotional clearing with my own hands, my own thoughts, my own imagery and my own free movements. When I created my first sacred space and started circling my small fire, I realized I could let go, release, and allow expression of the difficult parts of me in this ritual container. Safely inside, I shake, pound, writhe, and yell, without judgement!  I let go of negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, ego and become the FLAME! To this day I use what I call the Shamanic Quality of JourneyDance™ to allow for shift, combustion, energetic, emotional and physical release.  I realize I have the ability to create powerful sacred ritual anywhere, anytime...and so do YOU!


If you have danced with me before, you might know some of the other ritual dances that I have led, including the Group Fire Ceremony, which is a magnetized moment of combining energy and collective thought, Meet your Inner Shaman, a ritual of meeting that inner powerful healer inside you, or Meet your High Priestess, the elegant feminine loving counterpart.  I have actively made ritualistic and shamanic experience a core component of every JourneyDance™ because of my own experience with its power. 


I made this little video for you below to remind you that you, too, can have a Shamanic fire ceremony for yourself on the dance floor.  Through your own powerful sacred ritual, you can release and clear anything that needs to go.  I hope you enjoy the fire!



Here is one of my favorite new finds of Shamanic music -  Lioness Eye by the amazing Xavier Rudd.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouVDCogggKI



Sending you love!


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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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