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Owning Your Power!


Your heart is big enough to anchor your power and allow it to be used for GOOD.


I've always loved moving in a strong and powerful way.  I just didn't always know how to bring that same force from the dance floor into my life, to live powerfully and to live with a sense of inner autonomy and freedom.  There's an innate power living inside of our bodies. Just like there's innate wisdom, intuition and love. When we can access this power, it transforms our lives. We come into alignment with our own boundaries, our own needs, and our desires. We feel a knowing about what we want and what work in the world is most right for us.


Feeling disempowered is draining and exhausting.  It’s not a place I or anyone likes to be.  If we get into our body we can feel a visceral shift, find the energy within and activate our power. This dance of empowerment comes after we move through the expression of emotions and the ritual of release, enabling us to emerge into a new state of full body power.  After the release of old tensions and held patterns, we feel alive and empowered. We can be filled with hope and courage.  The dance of empowerment is an inner journey that I take every day, on and off the dance floor. I don't always have to be fast and furious. My power can also be soft and strong and clear. You can find the balance of power within you, where vitality and strength live with love.


Being empowered is having a yes! And a no! And owning your right to choose. Let's move the body, feel it and know it!!


JourneyDance Inspirations - Empowerment from Toni Bergins on Vimeo.



This is a fun song to express your warrior goddess!





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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

Amy Weintraub, Life Force Yoga, Yoga For Depression.