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The brave Heart is the one that stays open!

I've been thinking a lot about how I would tell you about the Heart Quality of JourneyDance™. It is such an important dance and was not always easy for me.  When I first started JourneyDance™, I was all about fire and passion and wildness. I had such a burn inside of me to release so much. But a part of me was lacking attention. It was my vulnerable, sensitive heart.


Getting in touch with my softness has been a long road. I spent most of my time doing the next expected steps in life, not listening to and asking my heart "what would you like to do next?"  Not getting the whispers of my small voice.


I was first able to contact the small heart voice when I brought this psychodramatic idea called "projective object" into JourneyDance™ and started dancing with my heart. One day it spoke to me...


I don't remember exactly what it said, but since that day I honored this voice inside me as my heart's voice. It has since shared with me many ideas, stories of myself, and transformations.  It has taught me how to listen more deeply to others and myself.  Some messages from my own heart range from "oh please, I'm too tired, it's time to rest," to "please open, don't be shut down," to "I love you, my darling".  When I dance with my heart, I learn to LOVE MYSELF as much as I love outside of myself.  I remember to put myself first so I don’t get burned out from over giving! (I’m a giver, as I'm sure you are too)


It's a practice to listen to your heart in the dance.  We listen into a deeper part of our self. Not just on the surface, something below - something rich and somewhat mysterious.


So when you dance this next dance with me, please get a scarf to hold like your heart.  It can be anything from a scarf to a towel, it just doesn't matter.  Just hold it with love an ask it to tell you its stories, share it’s secrets and whispers.  Getting to know yourself is probably life's greatest adventure. When you learn yourself, I do believe you can have better relationships in all areas of your life. When my heart knows it's being heard and not ignored, I am able to communicate better in all areas of my life.


As many of us try to move through painful experiences in our lives, we tend to stuff feelings deep down under cover.  We put on a good face and tuck everything in. Our heart knows this all too well and will keep us "safe" by shutting down so not to be hurt again. The really brave heart is the one that stays open.  Listening to and acknowledging our heart allows it to feel cared for and to stay open.


The one thing I can truly promise you is that if you dance, you will get unstuck.  If you're ready to emerge again into life open and available, let's get moving…


Grab a scarf and dance this Heart dance with me in the mini video and then practice on your own to the song below.


Movement Suggestions:

Hold your scarf like it’s the most precious thing.
Ask it “what do you need?”
Ask it "what do you have to share with me?”
Then just move and listen….


JourneyDance Inspirations - Heart from Toni Bergins on Vimeo.

Searching for Home by Dustin O'Halloran



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June 13, 2018
voice inside me as my heart's voice. It has since imparted to me numerous thoughts, stories of myself, and changes. It has trained me how to listen all the more profoundly to others and myself. best essay writing service A few messages from my own heart go from "gracious it would be ideal if you I'm excessively worn out, now is the ideal time, making it impossible to rest please open, don't be closed down," to adore you, my sweetheart When I hit the dance floor with my heart, I figure out how to as much as I cherish outside of myself. I make sure to put myself first so I don't get wore out from over giving


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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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