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You are the prayer!


Prayer used to be a very loaded word for me.  I always felt prayer was something I didn't understand and I couldn't do. I knew what prayers were. I knew what they were suppose to feel like from watching the happy children on TV.  Being raised a non-religious Jew, I didn't really feel I had a "God figure" that I understood or who listened to me. My image was an old man on the throne, sort of like a combination of Gandolf and Dumbledore.


The interesting thing about my personal journey is that I didn't know what I was seeking, though I knew I was looking for something special in all my dabbling and explorations. I thought I was seeking relief from my busy self-abusive mind.  I thought I was seeking relief from my intense emotional feelings.  I know I was seeking relief from my personal patterns and addictive behaviors. I tried so many ways to heal, from yoga to meditation and contemplation. I did a lot of creative visualizations that really helped me connect. My seeking led me to many religions as well as shamanic journeying.


The only place I've been able to create this feeling of prayer, of being connected to so much more, is when I hit the dance floor! Something happens when I move in a slow motion dance to uplifting music. I’m able to access that divine sensation of being on a mountain top within. Sometimes it feels as if the energy itself is moving me.  I've come to know that prayer is a feeling, not a thought. It’s an emotional experience of love and longing. This has changed me forever. This dance reminded me of the divine inside of me, inside of us all.  What I was seeking was here all along.


You are so much more than this body, yet you are this body here and now. You expand beyond, you are layers of energy, you are light and sound and vibration. It is you. You are the prayer. Your breath, your body, your emotions and your thoughts. Your movement and your stillness, your full awareness, your unique expression.


When you “pray” and you add your feelings and the prayer is magnified. Prayer isn’t something you do right, it’s perfect the way you do it….Feel free to call in all your guides, angels and personal connections.


Be inspired by the mini video below.  Then close your eyes and allow your body to move to this beautiful prayerful music as if it was guided by the music alone.


JourneyDance Inspirations - Prayer from Toni Bergins on Vimeo.

Gracie's Theme by Paul Cardall


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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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