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Owning Your Sensual Self!

When I say the word sensual, some of us feel a whole world of judgment, societal thought forms pounding down upon us.  As children, all kinds of judgement (or not, if you were one of the lucky ones) was implanted in us from religion, society and family norms often making sensuality bad and wrong. Sensual doesn’t have to mean sexual, as it is often used.  Sensual is feeling life, being sensational. Do have a good relationship with your sensual self?  Are you present to feeling and experiencing life in your body and through the richness of your senses?  Do you embrace your body as beautiful and wonderful? 


For some of us, being in our head is our modus operandi. We work on the computer, take phone calls all day, and take care of the usual busy-ness routines of life (especially if we have kids, pets and other dependents). Getting into our body sometimes feels like too much work with too little time.  When people finally find their way to the dance floor, they are overjoyed by their own experience of feeling good and feeling sensual.  As I mentioned in Celebration Quality, they might even cry from feeling joy again!  In JourneyDance™ I take that all a step further, and take that feeling good into every cell, into every part of us, our thoughts and our emotions.  


When feeling this good, we can create from a new place of intention.  Do you feel the power of manifestation that lives within you?  Did you know that you are so powerful that your thoughts and body do manifest?  You are a mind-body-spirit system designed for creativity.  You can manifest things you might have only imagined. This dance of Sensual Manifestation is working with the creativity chakra, 2nd Chakra, sexual chakra.  I don’t only mean sexual creation, I mean bringing down thought into reality. I mean birthing a dream!  The art of manifestation is knowing you have the power to create, to be a visionary artist of your life, and bring thought into reality.  


Originally, with some naivety, I thought I created this Sensual Manifestation Quality solely to teach the art of manifestation, little did I know there was yet another layer that would be revealed to me from the dancers, and later would heal me as well. Getting into our sensual bodies allows us to reveal and access our sexuality.


I experienced many people coming to the dance floor with deep wounds from the past. Over the years, I’ve been saddened by how commonly sexual abuse persists. My focus has expanded to help women and men heal their relationships with their bodies and past wounds. We dance the Sensual Manifestation Quality to embrace our sensual creative power and own our sexuality. We investigate our own judgements that limit our freedom and creative potential, and we see if we can grow our bandwidth for being sensual as we give ourselves permission to express this wonderful part of us.  My journey with dancers has been powerful, to say the least.  Please know that I am HOPEFUL as so many have found a pathway to healing and reclaimed their sexual power and freedom through JourneyDance™.  The stories of healing that my own students have told me are miraculous, a few even overcoming blocks in their ability to conceive children!


I won’t say much more, as movement is an experience rather than a thought…but if you feel the need to heal something deep within to set yourself free OR you desire to create and manifest a dream…please continue down the JourneyDance™ path with me and experience the Sensual Manifestation Quality in this snippet video and song below.


Here are few movement suggestions:

* Start by touching your skin
* Feel yourself bringing joy to your body
* When you dance, let it be simple
* Just move whatever feels like moving
* Allow the dance to shift and change, wherever it needs to go
* You might end up getting wild or just moving slowly
* No JUDGEMENT is the KEY!
* No performing, just for YOU!


JourneyDance Inspirations - Sensual from Toni Bergins on Vimeo.


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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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