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What Toni's Students Say



Profoundly moving, healing, and great fun.  I have attended many dance workshops over the years, including Olatunji's drumming, Emilie Conrad's Continuum, Mary Whitehouse's authentic movement, and Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythms.  I find Toni's work to be a synthesis of the best of these forms.  She had people sweating who probably had not sweated in years!
-- Dr. Susan Campbell, Relationship Coach, Saying What's Real.



What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."
-- Amy Weintraub, Life Force Yoga, Yoga For Depression.



Toni is a one woman force of mother earth fire, igniting all in her presence to dance. 
-- Aviva Gold, Painting From The Source.



Toni's JourneyDance™ moves you to a freer and more organic state of being, transforming old tensions into flowing and healing energy! An
essential part of our powerful Vinyasa Yoga week at Kripalu.
-- Jonny Kest, Center for Yoga, Bloomfield, MI.  



In a downright paralyzing world of analyzing, Toni's JourneyDance™ connects the mind, body and heart, helping us to move, express and dance with the power of our emotions. Toni teaches us to dance with the journey of life.
-- Sierra Bender, Boot Camp for Goddesses™ and
author of "Goddess to the Core".



Toni Bergins is an original.  Dance is well served by her considerable talent as a profound creator.
-- David Darling, Cellist, Music For People, Goshen, CT. 
daviddarling.com, musicforpeople.org



Toni's JourneyDance™ is a truly exalted experience.  Moving through emotions, sounds, and expressions, internally and externally, brought us into a space of complete celebration and reverence for the Divine pulse that flows through all creation... Don't miss Toni's depth, dynamism, and magical inspiration!
-- Mira and David Newman (Durga Das), Kirtan Chant Artists



There is no better way, in my opinion, to help women love and reconnect back to their bodies and the Sacred Feminine than with movement.  JourneyDance™ has offered me a form to journey back into these lost depths and I have found it very successful in the healing of eating disorder struggles.
 -- Crystal Tardiff, Sacred Space Urban Healing Lodge, Winnipeg, MB. 



JourneyDance™ is more effective than therapy, more comforting than church, and as exhilarating as sex!!
-- Sherri, Takoma Park, MD.


I am at Kripalu for the weekend, and already feeling pretty blissed out when I drop in for Toni's JourneyDance™ class. As we are settling in, I imagine half the class feels as intimidated as I do by the way Toni moves, her sexy voice and wild hair. An exotic animal dropped from a distant land here to teach us how to use our bodies. What am I doing here?  I'm a terrible dancer!  But, eyes closed, Toni helps me find my center as the class begins to explore movement first on the floor before working our way to our feet. The movements are simple at first, becoming more both more complex and then more feral. Somehow I find myself, for the first time in my life, moving freely - inspired by the music. I let go of any worries I have about what I look like and explore movement from the inside finding an expressive range of  movements I never knew I had - powerful, sensual, funky, reverent.  Soon I'm brave enough to peek out at the rhythmic mass of dancers circling around me. Time compresses and then expands. Memories of both recent and childhood embarrassments: not being able to dance with my wife; my father stealing my dance partner when i was 14. I let it all go, forgiving everyone, including myself. I close my eyes again and let myself fall back into a trance of pure movement - feeling the exquisite pain and the incredible beauty of this body moving in this precious moment in time.
-- Steve Kane, Managing Director, Catalyst Agency



An elegant primal flow awakening a sense of power and intention.  Technically well-balanced and challenging without feeling too difficult.  I felt so human, loved, connected, and relieved.
-- Krystil Raya, Kripalu Development Office, Stockbridge, MA.  



I do not dance.  I didn't even dance at my wedding (I shudder at the thought).  And while I was sitting with two friends waiting to eat, I heard those drums calling to me... The next thing I know, I'm rising off my feet, encircled by a force field protecting me, having one of the most amazing unexplained journeys in my life!
-- Marla Segal

I started your session feeling a bit like the tin man, all clunky and clumsy and inept. Then something happened.  I was free and instead of me moving my feet, they were... doing fascinating things. 
-- Gwyneth Packard



Oh, Toni, thank YOU!!!  You, your amazing being, spirit, energy, and ability to so sensually connect was such a beautiful, liberating experience. I'm so happy you were at the conference, and for the chance and pleasure of meeting and dancing with you and the awesome people there. Actually, I've been listening to your cd this week - which, along with reinforcing the joy and lessons of the Journeydance™ experiences, has also helped ease the transition from the conference back into day-to-day existence.
--Jim Stout, June 2010  


Never has an hour brought so much exhilaration, liberation, expression, letting go, and pure fun.  Your wit and enthusiasm and comfort in letting yourself go led us to do the same.  I really suspect we might have thrown ourselves, along with our wadded up anxieties, out that door if so instructed!
-- Sue Ellen Lovejoy

You brought me to a deep space very quickly, and made me want to jump in so I could let go of some stuck energy.  Your presence was so allowing, and you gave me permission to be my most authentic self in my dance.  I left feeling like I'd been to the personal trainer, the psychotherapist, the psychic, and the massage therapist all-in-one!  I give you my deepest thanks for a beautiful space and a truly cathartic, fantastic, creative, soul-flappin' good time!  Thank you, Toni, for your most significant offering to the world - the ministry of dance, wow!
 --  Katherine Silvan, Wilton, CT.  July 2009


I was so lifted and inspired... I got home and "heard myself'' sharing about what I had experienced in your session.  Your passion, energy, voice, smile, dancing, insight, sacrifice and dedication. You encourage me to re-invent my passion for health and happiness, creating victory over ignorance and fear.  Integrating and incorporating the spirit daily, in all areas of life, is the JourneyDance™, is it not ?  walk in the light, and when in the dark, continue to find Peace, with gratitude,
-- Bill, September 2009


WOOH!  What an incredible gift to enter community through your guidance.  Such a pleasure to watch your organic process of teaching and creating material.  Of course as you know, the true teaching comes from our own bodies.  Lots of LOVE.
-- Zahava, Nyack, NY.  September 2009

Thank you Goddess-Woman of Being and Power.  You honored us with the perfect energetic explosion of creativity and splendor.  Such a soul communion… purely wondrous.  In gratitude
-- Dawn Colombo, Nyack, NY.  September 2009

I intended to wait after class, but when I tried to sit down I couldn't stop moving!  Before I could think, I found myself driving off saying, "What are you doing???"  My body had been released from my intellectual control and was now literally in the driver's seat!  Ha Ha!  So you successfully achieved your objective: you quieted my too-busy mind and allowed my physical self to take over!  Thank you very much!  I needed that!  I awoke this morning with images of us moving like wispy tentacles of fog undulating to the music in that enchanting, dream-like atmosphere you created...  I remember you saying, "We are all dancers, emotion in motion," which was wonderful to hear.  And so many fun and aerobic dancing surprises!  I just never knew that this sort of dance class even existed!  I'm looking forward to the next class. I will definitely remember to bring bottled water, since the class allowed me to meet my buckets-of-sweat quota for the year!
-- Tim, Waitsfield, VT.  September 2009

As always, it was so much fun dancing with Toni.  The feedback from those that I spoke with could not say enough about the experience.  Many woke up today feeling more energized than ever and craving more.  I hope Toni and Root know how much they have affected our lives.  Thank you for bringing JourneyDance™ to our small community and leaving us wanting more!
 -- Jenni O’Toole, CJDT '08, Red Bank, NJ.  November 2009

Thank you for leading an amazing workshop last night.  I still feel energized and full of life!  Please know how much it meant to us that you were here to share JourneyDance™ with us!!  I wish you continued success as you spread your gift of healing movement and dance to the world.
 -- Barb Coyle, Red Bank, NJ.  November 2009

I was at Kripalu, conflicted whether to do regular yoga, JourneyDance™ or perhaps nap.  Something propelled me into your space, where I stood as a self-conscious wallflower for about a nanosecond before the beat woke me up to the joy awaiting.  My body found its way to the floor, to the circle, to the rhythm of our group.  A few months ago I was feeling pent up, aching to be unbound, wild, out of control... to completely lose it!  I could literally feel the frustration residing.  What I felt with you was the liberation my body had been seeking.  As I strutted and jiggled and slid my way around the room, I felt a smile rip across my face with authentic, genuine, deep-down satisfaction.  I lost my self-consciousness and my prevailing daily repetitious acceptable (BORING) safety.  Thank you for showing up as the wild, tribal, heartfelt, authentic expression that you are. Thank you for showing me a path to the place that my body has been seeking.  JourneyDance™ was the highlight of my weekend, leaving me sweaty, re-awakened, connected, and full of Spirit. 
-- Roger Cook, January 2010



I had a JourneyDance™ experience with Toni several years ago, and it was amazing! I loved it and have never forgotten the experience. Tonight I had a session with Deanna Heon, a dear friend, and I am so grateful and happy that she is doing this.  It is what she is meant to do!  Her dancing is amazing and she inspires all who are around her.   And it's really good for me, too! Tonight we danced around the fire.....perfect for celebrating the return of the light!  Thank you for JourneyDance™!
-- Susan Damone Balch, Woodstock, VT.  December 2009


Through her energy, Toni allows for vitality, freedom, and security.  Her positivity brings alive a higher level of spirituality and serenity.  JourneyDance™ must be on every person's "TO DO" List!
-- Gary Goldman, White Plains, NY.

I am manifesting changes and connections that I never thought were possible.  I think that being at that JourneyDance™ workshop really opened a door to let the energy of the Universe in.
-- Chaya Melissa Goodman, Israel. 

Your blend of movement, play, spirit, body awareness/connection, and emotion was very healing for me... In dancing with you and the group I found my way home to myself!
-- Beth


I just took your JourneyDance™ class today, and once again was very moved by your teaching.  You have been my favorite teacher at Kripalu for years. This year I came to Kripalu for lots of reasons, and felt completely blessed when I saw that you were teaching. And, once again, I was transformed by your wisdom. You have given me so much.  Thank you and many blessings,
-- Maggie Sky, CJDT '08, Natick, MA. 



An experience I will never forget, "what the world needs now" is more experiences and expressions such as you are providing and giving.  Many thanks and I hope to participate again, please, please come back. with blessing,
-- Donna Burk, Media, PA.  

"How can one put into words what does not lend itself to words? It went beyond concepts, beyond thinking … to the wordless heart of Being.”  "Most meaningful was opening myself through dance and uninhibited painting expression, and chance to feel a true connection with others, … heart opening, mind freeing, ceremonial bliss."  "Aviva and Toni facilitated a “birthing” for me that I never ever would have allowed myself had not my trust in them and the process and the source been so strong due to the container they created."  "Phenomenal, profound, Life changing, vital, supportive. Authentic, larger then life, inspiring. Most meaningful was the heart opening space to explore and unfold."  "I have been given the greatest gift, one that I can continue to give to myself and others, supporting me as I travel my path of being."
-- evaluations from Paint & Dance, September 2009.  




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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

Amy Weintraub, Life Force Yoga, Yoga For Depression.