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Tracy holds events in the Massachusetts area, please connect with her on Facebook or on email using the links to the right.




I will never forget my first experience with the Journey Dance tribe. It came to me at a very dark time, when I was secretly questioning if life was literally worth continuing. A friend invited me to Kripalu I walked in to a room full of hundreds of people. I was nervous, unsure of myself, and afraid to be seen. There was live drumming and we started off rolling around and connecting to a side of me that had been long forgotten. That place where I used to play, connect, and love. The place where I used to smile and laugh and feel other emotions besides pain and grief. As we began to rise up I began to notice my body, my temple, and how I never thanked it anymore. Then we began to dance with each other and I realized that I stopped loving other people, I had created a story that they would all hurt me. I even stopped loving myself. I couldn't even trust myself anymore. Then Toni led us through the fire ceremony and I burned all those old stories that didn't serve me any longer. I found my inner warrior that I had long lost, she was still there ready to fight for my life. I allowed myself to feel everything I had been keeping in. I sobbed. I shook. embraced my darkness. I let go. Then I celebrated who I was underneath all of that, without all of my human-ness. I celebrated my Divine Inner Goddess. I celebrated who I was about to become now that I had let go of the past. I fell in love with myself and everyone on that dance floor, the musicians, the art of how every dancer moved, chakra by chakra I shifted right there on that dance floor to a state of bliss. In one hour I was moved. Shifted. Transformed. That is the power of Journey Dance. That is why I want everyone to have access to this. Let's transform the world, one dance at a time.





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Tracy Starr, LMFT is a transformational healer that practices from many different perspectives to support each individual’s unique journey through darkness and into the light over and over again. Tracy understands that life has it’s ups and downs, it’s victories and hardships and she works to support everyone with where they are at and acknowledges that it truly takes something to show up in life and work to be our best self regardless of the circumstances life throws at us. Think about it, have you ever met anyone that has said that life is easy and they have it all together? This human experience is difficult in many ways for us all. Tracy works with all circumstances to bring light and love forth and to support calming and easing that critical mind we all share using many different modalities. As a trained Narrative family therapist, life coach, EFT practitioner in training (Emotion Freedom Technique) and Journey Dance guide Tracy is interested in mind, body, soul healing. As Tracy began the journey as a therapist she noticed how serious we take ourselves, how hard we all are on ourselves, how much pain every person is in. Once Tracy began opening up to what she was CREATING in her life through her thoughts, her language, her movements, her energetic awareness she began exploring how linked we all are. Tracy started to look at how she could also support her clients and participants in her work to see some of the ways they are able to create their lives and experiences. As a Journey Dance teacher, Tracy is able to be playful, fun, vulnerable, silly, sassy and authentic. She brings her awareness of the human experience to the dance floor and she knows we all need a little more fun, love, light and laughter and we also all need to embrace the darkness and love all parts of ourselves. So come join her in “this barefoot ecstatic celebration of the human spirit” exactly as you are! We can dance all the way HOME to who we really are... <3


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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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