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I have always been passionate about music and dance ever since a very young age. Creative movement was always something that just came naturally and spontaneously to me whenever I heard a song that really inspired my emotions. Wanting to always approach dance from an attitude of improvisational play and personal expression, I rarely felt interested in classes that were more structured and choreographical in nature. It wasn't until more recently in my life that I began to see the potential of what I had always been doing, dancing freely, as a powerful healing tool for emotional and psychological transformation. Looking back I see that my personal dancing practice was truly essential to my success in navigating the depression of my late teenage years and gaining clarity on how exactly to make myself happy again. Furthermore, my many positive experiences in taking classes with different conscious movement teachers made me feel that this is a practice that truly resonates with who I am and is something I want to share with others. I love JourneyDance particularly because of the great balance I think it has between personal process and group connection on the dance floor. The essential gift of music and dance is that they have the power to shift our emotions directly by bypassing the limitations of our thinking minds and going straight into our hearts. My goal as a teacher is to make it easier for people to remember their innate creative greatness and to facilitate the realization that the power to shift our feelings always lies within us. Whether you're coming to find peace with some aspect of yourself, or coming just to play, I can't wait to see you in class!






Zach is an energy worker who is dedicated to empowering people to be their own healers. His greatest passion is, has always been, and probably will always be Dance. Through dance he has learned what it means to move from darkness to light. From struggle to ease. And from being creatively blocked to allowing intuitive flow. He believes deeply in the great creative potential within all of us and loves exploring different methods of opening to the abundance of energy that always resides at the center of our being. Along the path of opening himself up to source energy he has gained skills in music, dance, sound healing, reiki, and qigong. It is now his intention to share the tools he has used to heal himself with others to make it easier for them to do the same.


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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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