Transform your life through movement

there is a safety I feel to be vulnerable, weird,

powerful, wise, seen and heard.

After the remedy I feel newly aware of truths inside me. I feel fresh and ready.

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Weekly Classes

Join us for weekly classes online



Attend local and destination retreats

Boston, Mexico, Costa Rica


Join the next teacher training cohort in 2024

Learn to share JourneyDance with your community!

Toni's connects the mind, body and heart, helping us to move, express and dance with the power of our emotions.

Boot Camp for Goddesses™ and
author of “Goddess to the Core”




Virtual Drop-in Classes

Weekly classes to suit your needs. Led by master facilitators, our classes offer an empowering embodiment experience of self-discovery, authenticity, and inner wisdom. Through dynamic movement, evocative music, and visualization you deeply connect with yourself and others.

The remedy

A  4 week series that blends JourneyDance, creative writing, and more.

Each week in The Remedy we share musical medicine along with writing prompts, expression practices and sharing circles.
Classes are 75 minutes.

New Wednesday evening sessions at 7pm EDT beginning June 5.  Registration closes on June 5th.

DJ a 20-30 minute dance set of expressive music
Give a writing prompt or suggestion and you’ll have 10-20 minutes to write
Hold a sharing circle (in break out rooms) with sharing prompts
Help you create and sustain a personal practice to continue to process life’s challenges.

Dance and move
Write and reflect
Share in small groups
Be seen and be heard by other amazing people like yourself


Experiential Retreats

Dance with us in destination locations across the USA
and around the world!

Explore your inner voice and creative soul!

January 18 – 25, 2025 in Costa Rica Led  by JourneyDance™ Founder Toni Bergins and JourneyDance Master Facilitators Joy Okoye and Joan White Hansen


Take a deep dive into your sacred energy! Are you eager to discover the wisdom your body wants to share with you? Are you ready to release stuck emotion but don’t know how? Get ready for a fully felt experience of freedom!

In-person & Online


Our teacher training and embodiment coaching program consists of three modules taught in-person and online to one cohort per year. You can help others process life’s challenging moments with movement and music!

Become a certified JourneyDance Facilitator, Workshop Leader, and Transformational Movement Coach!

The Embodiment Experience
Emotional Empowerment 
Trauma Awareness & DEI

Success Strategies
1:1 Embodied Transformation Coaching Method

Advanced Process Work
Workshop Development and Facilitation


JourneyDance and Shamanic Journey

Your Path to Transformation…
Prepare to embark on a soul-stirring quest that will lead you through the cardinal directions of self—Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit—each offering a gateway to profound healing and inner alchemy.

Step into a world where ancient shamanic practices and the ecstatic movement of JourneyDance converge to awaken your spirit and catalyze profound personal growth. During this exclusive weekend, limited to just 10 seekers, you will undergo a complete metamorphosis, shedding old paradigms and embracing a new, radiant version of yourself.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join us May 24 – 26. Reserve your space now and be part of this extraordinary journey!

In-person & Online

Turn Your Angst Into Art

Turn Your ANGST into ART is a powerful expressive arts program – by the end you’ll have created your own one-woman-show!

This immersive program guides you on a personal journey of transformation through storytelling, movement, and self-expression. Uncover the depths of your narrative, using your own life experiences as a canvas for artistic expression. You’ll embrace your voice, build self-confidence, and turn your story into a captivating work of art. Join us and embark on a journey of self-discovery, where your story takes center stage, transformed into an expression of resilience and creativity!


Work with Toni 1:1: Embodied Transformation Sessions

The Embodied Transformation Method is a 3 month one-on-one private program designed to help you uncover your gifts so you can express them more fully in the world.

In order to uncover our gifts, we must go through an emotional process to notice and let go of old feelings and create new possibilities for our lives.

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