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Toni Bergins

10 Gifts for YOU! Video 2: Who you gonna call!!!???

Here’s more on MindBusting™ as promised! I hope this helps you get your thoughts under control and gives you a fun way to BUST your negative thoughts off the dance floor…who you gonna call!!!!???

Toni Bergins

10 Gifts for YOU! Video 1: A Mini Talk - Moving into a New Story

Here’s my first gift to you, a mini-talk on how to move into a new story!!


The three steps (actually four) to moving into a new story are as follows:

1. Get into your body
2. Feel your feelings
3. Apply the mind busting technique to your thoughts and patterns
4. Repeat often and whenever necessary!

Toni Bergins

Laugh at yourself with love!

Do you like your thoughts?

Are you loving and kind to yourself?

Or are you mean, cruel and judgy?


I know what it's like to have a messy mind and struggle with abusive thinking. I know what it’s like to not love myself. I treated myself badly. I hurt myself. I know how it feels to battle difficult emotions. I wasted so much time numbing out and self-abusing until my big wake up call. It happened on the dance floor. I cracked open and saw all that I had done to myself. I was scared to feel all that I’d been repressing, but it was worth it.


Since that moment I plunged into the world of healing to work on myself, face my blind spots daily, and create a new path . Now I know what it feels like to heal . I love myself. I know you do too, you might need a little reminder. I’m stepping up and teaching everything I’ve learned about how to love myself!  Through my struggles I created JourneyDance and I’m forever grateful for all of it. What will you create from your struggles?

In my mid 20s I was in an improv skit on meditation called “monkeys of the mind”. Guess what I played! Yep, you guessed it: A disturbing thought! I got to dance around and annoy the other actors, what a blast! Now I use theater and comedy to work with the “voices in my head”, the recorded patterns of my inner critic. I give them characters and make them comical! This process teaches you to LAUGH AT YOURSELF with love.  I call it ShadowPlay™. I want you to love your inner critic, to learn it’s real messages.  I’ll teach you this theater and movement technique I've been using for the last 25 years, to work with your mind, your negative thoughts, your self limiting voices and change them to a loving voice.
As I always say: Get out of your MIND and into your BODY!!

Join me at New Year’s for a retreat and transformational experience.


Click Here for More Information and to save 10% when you register for 5 days.


(Meet Barbara, my ShadowPlay character and L.I. alter ego, in the flesh!)




If you want to take the PLUNGE into leadership and share this transformational work with others take our Fast Track JourneyDance Leadership Training in Mexico. It’s an experience! Click Here for More Information and Register Today!


If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to me directly by replying to this email or by sending an email to Joy at joy@journeydance.com with your questions.

Toni Bergins

You are the prayer!


Prayer used to be a very loaded word for me.  I always felt prayer was something I didn't understand and I couldn't do. I knew what prayers were. I knew what they were suppose to feel like from watching the happy children on TV.  Being raised a non-religious Jew, I didn't really feel I had a "God figure" that I understood or who listened to me. My image was an old man on the throne, sort of like a combination of Gandolf and Dumbledore.


The interesting thing about my personal journey is that I didn't know what I was seeking, though I knew I was looking for something special in all my dabbling and explorations. I thought I was seeking relief from my busy self-abusive mind.  I thought I was seeking relief from my intense emotional feelings.  I know I was seeking relief from my personal patterns and addictive behaviors. I tried so many ways to heal, from yoga to meditation and contemplation. I did a lot of creative visualizations that really helped me connect. My seeking led me to many religions as well as shamanic journeying.


The only place I've been able to create this feeling of prayer, of being connected to so much more, is when I hit the dance floor! Something happens when I move in a slow motion dance to uplifting music. I’m able to access that divine sensation of being on a mountain top within. Sometimes it feels as if the energy itself is moving me.  I've come to know that prayer is a feeling, not a thought. It’s an emotional experience of love and longing. This has changed me forever. This dance reminded me of the divine inside of me, inside of us all.  What I was seeking was here all along.


You are so much more than this body, yet you are this body here and now. You expand beyond, you are layers of energy, you are light and sound and vibration. It is you. You are the prayer. Your breath, your body, your emotions and your thoughts. Your movement and your stillness, your full awareness, your unique expression.


When you “pray” and you add your feelings and the prayer is magnified. Prayer isn’t something you do right, it’s perfect the way you do it….Feel free to call in all your guides, angels and personal connections.


Be inspired by the mini video below.  Then close your eyes and allow your body to move to this beautiful prayerful music as if it was guided by the music alone.


JourneyDance Inspirations - Prayer from Toni Bergins on Vimeo.

Gracie's Theme by Paul Cardall

Toni Bergins

The brave Heart is the one that stays open!

I've been thinking a lot about how I would tell you about the Heart Quality of JourneyDance™. It is such an important dance and was not always easy for me.  When I first started JourneyDance™, I was all about fire and passion and wildness. I had such a burn inside of me to release so much. But a part of me was lacking attention. It was my vulnerable, sensitive heart.


Getting in touch with my softness has been a long road. I spent most of my time doing the next expected steps in life, not listening to and asking my heart "what would you like to do next?"  Not getting the whispers of my small voice.


I was first able to contact the small heart voice when I brought this psychodramatic idea called "projective object" into JourneyDance™ and started dancing with my heart. One day it spoke to me...


I don't remember exactly what it said, but since that day I honored this voice inside me as my heart's voice. It has since shared with me many ideas, stories of myself, and transformations.  It has taught me how to listen more deeply to others and myself.  Some messages from my own heart range from "oh please, I'm too tired, it's time to rest," to "please open, don't be shut down," to "I love you, my darling".  When I dance with my heart, I learn to LOVE MYSELF as much as I love outside of myself.  I remember to put myself first so I don’t get burned out from over giving! (I’m a giver, as I'm sure you are too)


It's a practice to listen to your heart in the dance.  We listen into a deeper part of our self. Not just on the surface, something below - something rich and somewhat mysterious.


So when you dance this next dance with me, please get a scarf to hold like your heart.  It can be anything from a scarf to a towel, it just doesn't matter.  Just hold it with love an ask it to tell you its stories, share it’s secrets and whispers.  Getting to know yourself is probably life's greatest adventure. When you learn yourself, I do believe you can have better relationships in all areas of your life. When my heart knows it's being heard and not ignored, I am able to communicate better in all areas of my life.


As many of us try to move through painful experiences in our lives, we tend to stuff feelings deep down under cover.  We put on a good face and tuck everything in. Our heart knows this all too well and will keep us "safe" by shutting down so not to be hurt again. The really brave heart is the one that stays open.  Listening to and acknowledging our heart allows it to feel cared for and to stay open.


The one thing I can truly promise you is that if you dance, you will get unstuck.  If you're ready to emerge again into life open and available, let's get moving…


Grab a scarf and dance this Heart dance with me in the mini video and then practice on your own to the song below.


Movement Suggestions:

Hold your scarf like it’s the most precious thing.
Ask it “what do you need?”
Ask it "what do you have to share with me?”
Then just move and listen….


JourneyDance Inspirations - Heart from Toni Bergins on Vimeo.

Searching for Home by Dustin O'Halloran


Toni Bergins

Owning Your Sensual Self!

When I say the word sensual, some of us feel a whole world of judgment, societal thought forms pounding down upon us.  As children, all kinds of judgement (or not, if you were one of the lucky ones) was implanted in us from religion, society and family norms often making sensuality bad and wrong. Sensual doesn’t have to mean sexual, as it is often used.  Sensual is feeling life, being sensational. Do have a good relationship with your sensual self?  Are you present to feeling and experiencing life in your body and through the richness of your senses?  Do you embrace your body as beautiful and wonderful? 


For some of us, being in our head is our modus operandi. We work on the computer, take phone calls all day, and take care of the usual busy-ness routines of life (especially if we have kids, pets and other dependents). Getting into our body sometimes feels like too much work with too little time.  When people finally find their way to the dance floor, they are overjoyed by their own experience of feeling good and feeling sensual.  As I mentioned in Celebration Quality, they might even cry from feeling joy again!  In JourneyDance™ I take that all a step further, and take that feeling good into every cell, into every part of us, our thoughts and our emotions.  


When feeling this good, we can create from a new place of intention.  Do you feel the power of manifestation that lives within you?  Did you know that you are so powerful that your thoughts and body do manifest?  You are a mind-body-spirit system designed for creativity.  You can manifest things you might have only imagined. This dance of Sensual Manifestation is working with the creativity chakra, 2nd Chakra, sexual chakra.  I don’t only mean sexual creation, I mean bringing down thought into reality. I mean birthing a dream!  The art of manifestation is knowing you have the power to create, to be a visionary artist of your life, and bring thought into reality.  


Originally, with some naivety, I thought I created this Sensual Manifestation Quality solely to teach the art of manifestation, little did I know there was yet another layer that would be revealed to me from the dancers, and later would heal me as well. Getting into our sensual bodies allows us to reveal and access our sexuality.


I experienced many people coming to the dance floor with deep wounds from the past. Over the years, I’ve been saddened by how commonly sexual abuse persists. My focus has expanded to help women and men heal their relationships with their bodies and past wounds. We dance the Sensual Manifestation Quality to embrace our sensual creative power and own our sexuality. We investigate our own judgements that limit our freedom and creative potential, and we see if we can grow our bandwidth for being sensual as we give ourselves permission to express this wonderful part of us.  My journey with dancers has been powerful, to say the least.  Please know that I am HOPEFUL as so many have found a pathway to healing and reclaimed their sexual power and freedom through JourneyDance™.  The stories of healing that my own students have told me are miraculous, a few even overcoming blocks in their ability to conceive children!


I won’t say much more, as movement is an experience rather than a thought…but if you feel the need to heal something deep within to set yourself free OR you desire to create and manifest a dream…please continue down the JourneyDance™ path with me and experience the Sensual Manifestation Quality in this snippet video and song below.


Here are few movement suggestions:

* Start by touching your skin
* Feel yourself bringing joy to your body
* When you dance, let it be simple
* Just move whatever feels like moving
* Allow the dance to shift and change, wherever it needs to go
* You might end up getting wild or just moving slowly
* No JUDGEMENT is the KEY!
* No performing, just for YOU!


JourneyDance Inspirations - Sensual from Toni Bergins on Vimeo.

Toni Bergins

Reawakening Joy!

The Celebration Quality of JourneyDance™ is this joy-filled moment after the expressing, after the releasing, after the fire and the energetic empowerment.  It comes with lively music as a respite for the mind, body and heart.
Surprisingly and miraculously, sometimes people cry in celebration because they haven't allow themselves to feel the joy of life in so long, as their struggles and hardships have been taking up all the available space.  When we experience this feeling of celebration, it reawakens the sense of well-being and child-like joy that are innate to all of us.


In my personal dance, if I rush right to Celebration and try to stay there, it just doesn't stick unless I'm authentically feeling it. It’s like trying to say countless affirmations that just don’t fit until we find the right words.  But in JourneyDance™, we express, embrace, expunge, and release ourselves.  We worked for this feeling and so we bask in it. (More on this in the Embodied Leadership Program!)


I invite you to bring joy into every cell, to create and live a new thought form.  We use dancing scarves to expand the joy beyond our bodies into the space and share with each other.


Grab a scarf and dip into Celebration with this great song and video below!  Have fun it's worth it!


JourneyDance Inspirations - Celebration from Toni Bergins on Vimeo.

Rock For by Parov Stellar

Toni Bergins

Owning Your Power!


Your heart is big enough to anchor your power and allow it to be used for GOOD.


I've always loved moving in a strong and powerful way.  I just didn't always know how to bring that same force from the dance floor into my life, to live powerfully and to live with a sense of inner autonomy and freedom.  There's an innate power living inside of our bodies. Just like there's innate wisdom, intuition and love. When we can access this power, it transforms our lives. We come into alignment with our own boundaries, our own needs, and our desires. We feel a knowing about what we want and what work in the world is most right for us.


Feeling disempowered is draining and exhausting.  It’s not a place I or anyone likes to be.  If we get into our body we can feel a visceral shift, find the energy within and activate our power. This dance of empowerment comes after we move through the expression of emotions and the ritual of release, enabling us to emerge into a new state of full body power.  After the release of old tensions and held patterns, we feel alive and empowered. We can be filled with hope and courage.  The dance of empowerment is an inner journey that I take every day, on and off the dance floor. I don't always have to be fast and furious. My power can also be soft and strong and clear. You can find the balance of power within you, where vitality and strength live with love.


Being empowered is having a yes! And a no! And owning your right to choose. Let's move the body, feel it and know it!!


JourneyDance Inspirations - Empowerment from Toni Bergins on Vimeo.



This is a fun song to express your warrior goddess!




Toni Bergins

Turn your angst into art in dancing fire ceremony!


Grrrrr…sometimes I have SO much angst swirling around inside me that I just might explode! Do you ever feel that!?


I remember when I first came to the dance floor, over 20 years ago, I would bring my whole angsty self to it.  When the music played loud and wild, my dance became louder and wilder and I BURNED and BURNED!  I moved into an altered state.  Many people call it a transpersonal state, a hypnotic state, a shamanic state or something of that nature. The music, the movement, the visualization and my breath together create this alchemical place where shift could happen.


In times when I was struggling greatly and feeling like a burning flame of angst and difficulty, I created a ritual on the dance floor I call Personal Fire Ceremony. In the personal fire I make a small circle and do an energetic clearing, a mental clearing, an emotional clearing with my own hands, my own thoughts, my own imagery and my own free movements. When I created my first sacred space and started circling my small fire, I realized I could let go, release, and allow expression of the difficult parts of me in this ritual container. Safely inside, I shake, pound, writhe, and yell, without judgement!  I let go of negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, ego and become the FLAME! To this day I use what I call the Shamanic Quality of JourneyDance™ to allow for shift, combustion, energetic, emotional and physical release.  I realize I have the ability to create powerful sacred ritual anywhere, anytime...and so do YOU!


If you have danced with me before, you might know some of the other ritual dances that I have led, including the Group Fire Ceremony, which is a magnetized moment of combining energy and collective thought, Meet your Inner Shaman, a ritual of meeting that inner powerful healer inside you, or Meet your High Priestess, the elegant feminine loving counterpart.  I have actively made ritualistic and shamanic experience a core component of every JourneyDance™ because of my own experience with its power. 


I made this little video for you below to remind you that you, too, can have a Shamanic fire ceremony for yourself on the dance floor.  Through your own powerful sacred ritual, you can release and clear anything that needs to go.  I hope you enjoy the fire!



Here is one of my favorite new finds of Shamanic music -  Lioness Eye by the amazing Xavier Rudd.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouVDCogggKI



Sending you love!

Toni Bergins

Tell your story to the dance floor: Move into a New Story!

Do you let yourself feel your feelings?  Do you stuff the difficult ones?  Are you able to express frustration and anger in a healthy way?  Is there anyone available to listen to your sadness?  I come to the DANCE FLOOR to meet these needs and I can’t say enough about how powerful and helpful it has been for ME.  This is the place I can express myself free of any judgement (unless i’m the judge of course!). Letting myself express my emotions was not easy for me, until I started "Telling My Story to the Dance Floor”. Read More



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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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