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Toni Bergins

10 Gifts for YOU! Video 9: Meant to be here...



I share this message with you so that when you’re feeling down or hopeless, you know somewhere inside of you, it will shift.  So, stay with yourself, be there for you and remember: You ARE MEANT to be here!!

Toni Bergins

It takes a village!

I don’t believe we are meant to do this all alone. Living is a LOT!! You need your family, friends, community, support systems and I need mine.  WE all DO!!

We need our inspiring teachers, therapists, psychics, shamans and healers!!! WE all DO!

Watch & Listen. Get a good LAUGH too!!

Toni Bergins

You are sensual... you are creative...you are love…

You are sensual, you are creative, you are love!


Toni Bergins

10 Gifts for YOU! Video 6: You’re so adorable! (and I mean it!)

I’m loving this gift giving and I’m hoping you are too!  I keep imagining you watching, laughing and giggling (maybe even smirking or rolling your eyes, or even high fiving me! Ha!).


There are so many messages we all need to hear and I want to remedy that and change the world as best I can!

 So...Do you feel adorable? Lovable? Valuable? Worthy?

 IF you answered NO to any of these questions…..


Click below to watch or listen! You are so adorable!


Toni Bergins

A few of my favorite things...

Here are a few of my favorite things that I personally love and that you may want to try for yourself or give as a gift. The links to them are listed directly below. Enjoy!! Read More

Toni Bergins

10 Gifts for YOU! Video 5: You’re SO Powerful! (and you know it!)

We are on a roll now...here comes my personal fave gift so far. If you know me, I have lots of faves!  So let’s not discuss it… and Just HIT PLAY!! Because You’re so Powerful!


Toni Bergins

10 Gifts for YOU! Video 4: You are the Prayer and you matter…

My gifts to YOU are free and purely for inspiration, love and gratitude to YOU for dancing with me all these years!! YOU ARE THE PRAYER is a phrase I’ve been dancing with for years...

Toni Bergins

10 Gifts for YOU! Video 3: You're so amazing…And don’t you forget it!

I know the New Year is coming fast! So these gifts are here to help you stay positively inspired and to remember that you are the PRAYER... (coming up next!)

Toni Bergins

10 Gifts for YOU! Video 2: Who you gonna call!!!???

Here’s more on MindBusting™ as promised! I hope this helps you get your thoughts under control and gives you a fun way to BUST your negative thoughts off the dance floor…who you gonna call!!!!???

Toni Bergins

10 Gifts for YOU! Video 1: A Mini Talk - Moving into a New Story

Here’s my first gift to you, a mini-talk on how to move into a new story!!


The three steps (actually four) to moving into a new story are as follows:

1. Get into your body
2. Feel your feelings
3. Apply the mind busting technique to your thoughts and patterns
4. Repeat often and whenever necessary!



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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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